You are currently viewing Rank Math Pro: the ultimate WordPress SEO extension 2022

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to optimize your website content, thanks to all kinds of features: schema, sitemaps and redirects management, SEO optimization of images, Google Analytics and social media integration, and many suggestions are offered in real time in your post editor.

These suggestions are obviously based on SEO best practices, and are updated regularly by a simple update of the WordPress extension.

This makes it very easy to customize the most important SEO settings, control which pages will be indexed by Google and Bing, configure how our website will appear in search engines, and manage keywords.

Rank Math also offers a blog that is very interesting for digging up all sorts of tips, as well as a SEO analysis tool for your WordPress site. To take advantage of this tool, you just have to enter your website’s address, no registration is required.

Rank Math defines itself as “the Swiss army knife of WordPress SEO”. We’ll see if this comparison is usurped or not.

1. Installing Rank Math Pro

    • The pro version and the free version

For those who would just like to test the plugin, it also comes in a free version, with a few less features compared to the paid version.

In fact, Rank Math used to offer only a free version, then added two paid versions: Rank Math Pro and Rank Math Enterprise, which are offered at a quite reasonable price, especially considering the number of features offered.


If you choose a paid plan, you should also install the free version.

  • Three modes of installation

When you first install Rank Math Pro, you will be offered the automatic installation so that the essential settings are configured as quickly as possible. However, you may very well choose to configure the settings manually, or even configure them later, once the installation is complete, by going to: WordPress Settings> Rank Math> Dashboard> Configuration Wizard tab.


Three installation modes are available: Easy Mode, Advanced Mode, and finally Custom Mode, which allows you to import/export your settings between different websites, so you don’t have to make the same settings several times in a row.


If you want to migrate from another SEO extension, such as Yoast SEO, don’t delete it just yet: once you install the Rank Math Pro plugin, it will automatically detect the SEO plugin you are already using and help you easily import all your SEO settings.


The interface is available in several languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Persian, Polish and Russian.

In case of difficulties, support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Functionality of Rank Math Pro


3. Rank Math Pro Analytics: SEO performance dashboard


You will be able to view the search traffic of all your website content, the total number of impressions, the total number of clicks on keywords, the average click-through rate, the average position of all keywords whose content ranks in the top 100 searches.

Analytics Overview

The dashboard also shows you a brief overview of your keywords’s evolution: the most winning and the most losing keywords.


You can also view a more detailed report, which analyzes the SEO performance of each post and page on your WordPress site: impressions, clicks, position, as well as the position history for your content (i.e., winning and losing keywords as well as any keywords you have added to the ranking tracker).


4. Connection with Google Analytics

Rank Math Pro Analytics extracts data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to bring you the most accurate ranking tracking data directly into your dashboard.

Rank Math Analytics settings

5. Integration with Elementor, Classic Editor and Gutenberg Editor:

Elementor SEO

Using SEO plugins alongside Elementor has long been difficult, if not impossible. Since Elementor editor takes us to a separate page for editing blog posts or pages on our website, it was impossible to get real-time SEO updates on the content we were writing. With the Rank Math Pro plugin (Free or Pro), we can get SEO suggestions, edit the meta-extract, and configure schema markup right in the editing screen.


This makes it possible to take into account in a very clear way SEO parameters when writing each blog post or for each page: keyword already used or not, paragraphs too long, number of words in your blog post, …


You then get a score out of 100 which indicates the SEO quality of your article according to previously defined criteria.

6. Integration of WooCommerce


WooCommerce is fully compatible with Rank Math Pro: so you combine the selling powers of WooCommerce with the SEO powers of Rank Math. This integration is done in both the free and paid versions.


Schemas are added automatically: Rank Math Pro takes the schema data from your product pages, as well as product reviews left by shoppers, and turns them into schema-ready content.

Another great and time-saving option: you can very simply remove categories and products from your permalinks.


Finally, in case you sell your products under your own brand, it will now be very easy to configure your brand name to appear in structured data: this configuration is done when modifying the schema markup for all the products in your store or for a particular product, thus avoiding the appearance of missing field warnings when you test pages of your website with Google’s rich results testing tool.

7. Indexing module for Google and Bing

Bing Instant indexing

Lately, Rank Math Pro allows Bing to instantly index our content. The procedure is as follows:

  • 1 Check your website on Bing Webmaster Tools
  • 2 Enable the Instant Indexing API module
  • 3 Configure your site’s instant indexing settings
  • 4 Enter your API key that you retrieve from BING.

An API, Application Programming Interface, allows two applications to communicate with each other. This key allows the API to identify you.

  • Each time you publish a new article or update an existing one, the URl will be automatically sent to Bing based on your selected settings.
  • This module allows up to 10 submissions per day, which is more than enough.

Schema Generator

8. Schemas: generation, models, import and validation

  • Various types of schemas are supported and a default category can also be defined in the settings.
  • You can create schema templates and insert them into publications with a single click. Add properties and groups of properties and put it all together with a few clicks.
  • You can also create schema templates and insert them into publications with one click.
  • You also have the ability to import schema markup from any page, article or URL on your own website or even any other site.
  • You can easily check your schema markup against Google’s rich results validation tool directly in your dashboard.

9. The 404 page redirection in a single click


  • Whether from Rank Math Pro’s built-in 404 monitor or when you arrive at a 404 page while browsing your own website, implementing a redirect can be done with a single click.

10. The other redirections

  • Rank Math Pro defines itself as “the most sophisticated” and “comprehensive redirect manager ever created for WordPress”.


It must be said that this module has a simple and intuitive interface: it is quite possible to create redirects in a few clicks. This module also has two advantages: first, it is light and optimized for speed. And this module also benefits from a secure code.


11. The very important 301 redirections

  • Permanent 301 move: use the permanent 301 redirect support to redirect old URLs to new URLs permanently,
  • Temporary 302 move: want to create a temporary redirect instead? Redirect Manager fully supports temporary move 302 redirection,
  • Temporary 307 redirect: the redirect manager also supports the lesser known, but very useful, temporary 307 redirect, which is the successor to the temporary 302 redirect,
  • Redirect 410 Deleted Content: use the deleted content redirect type 410 to inform users and search engines about the content you have deleted from your website,
  • Redirect 451 Content not available for legal reasons: you can’t display the content in certain countries or for legal reasons? Use the 451 redirect type to provide accurate information to the user.

12. Rank Math Pro has also provided all sorts of options to complement these redirects:

  • “Exact match” (to redirect exact URLs to the destination URLs of your choice),
  • “Contains a particular string” (to redirect any URL containing a string to a new URL),
  • “Starts with a particular string” (to redirect all URLs starting with a specific string to a new URL),
  • “Ends with a particular string” (to redirect all URLs ending with a specific string to a new URL),
  • Support for Regex (Regular Expressions),
  • Export to an .htaccess file to ensure compatibility with Apache servers,
  • Export to Nginx configuration file,
  • Debug option, to understand and debug each of the redirects you created with the plugin.

The Sitemaps


XML sitemaps help search engines find and index your site content. Rank Math automatically generates search engine friendly XML sitemaps for your website. The sitemaps are fully customizable and you can define what is and isn’t included.


To do this, Rank Math first automatically creates different sitemaps of your website for articles, pages, videos, etc. Then these individual sitemaps are combined into one sitemap index. The advantage is that you only need to submit one sitemap index link, which will be automatically updated when you change your site structure and content.

The integration of social media

  • Facebook “Open Graph”:
    No need to use all sorts of plugins to make “Open Graph” tags work: built-in support automatically configures the appropriate tags for every post you write. Rank Math Pro even clears the cache on Facebook when someone’s updating a post with a different image.


  • Ability to add a watermark to images shared from your website on social networks.


  • Creating a default sharing image:
    Optimizing every element of your website for sharing is time consuming. The default share image feature allows you to set a default share image that is used when content is shared from your site.


  • Add icon to your thumbnails for Facebook and Twitter posts:
    Attractive thumbnails can increase your click-through rate on social networks. Rank Math Pro goes beyond other plugins and automatically overlays a custom GIF play button or icon to skyrocket your clicks.
  • Facebook Attribution:
    Be known or recognized when your content is shared on Facebook: Rank Math adds the necessary meta tags to all your posts so that every post shared on Facebook has your name on it.


  • Social media account integration: This will get your social profiles listed directly in the SERPs. Rank Math Pro can add relevant meta tags for multiple social networks and search engines to your website.


Image SEO, thanks to the “Image SEO”


Image SEO is a powerful but often overlooked technique for generating traffic. Google algorithms use image alt text as well as page content to understand the image’s subject matter.


Rank Math Pro puts image SEO on autopilot by automatically adding “Alt” and “Title” attributes to all your images. Rank Math does not even modify your posts to achieve this. The tags are added on the fly when the post is viewed by the user. You can of course add the alt text manually, as well as the title and caption of the image.

The Module Local SEO

 Local SEO

The Rank Math Pro plugin brings you even more traffic with its local SEO support. Simply describe the details of your business, and the appropriate metadata will be added to your website, improving your site’s search engine ranking.

13. The Webmaster Tools

  • Google search console,
  • Bing tools for webmasters,
  • Baidu tools for webmasters,
  • Alexa verification ID,
  • Yandex verification identifier,
  • Pinterest verification id,
  • Norton Safe Web verification ID.

From this section, you can link your WordPress site to the most widely used search engine webmaster tools:


Tracking the display speed of each article or page of your website

  • Rank Math shows the PageSpeed score as well as the load time of all your URLs directly in your WordPress dashboard.

Pro PageSpeed 1

14. How to perform a referencing for multiple languages?

  • Whatever language your site exists in, Rank Math is designed to help you rank your site on Google. But if you want to do SEO in multiple languages, you’ll need the help of another plugin to make your site multilingual. For my part, I’m using the WPML extension.

Whether you’re a beginner blogger or an SEO expert, Rank Math can definitely help you improve your SEO.

You can download Rank Math for free. Even the free version is a great tool, and a must have for ranking higher in de SERP’s


15. VIDEO: How to enter SEO meta title, description and focus keyword