Manifest your own reality today! Why would you want to wait until tomorrow? Let’s get started right away.

We are going to start from where you are now and build you up to the vibration necessary for you to be or do or have anything you want. 

Rampage of invincibility begins here:

I am beginning to understand that I am more than I can see here in this physical body. I also recognize that there is a greater part of me, a Source energy part of me that is the true essence of who I am.

And I accept that part of that consciousness is now flowing through this physical body of me. Apparently, then, there is a kind of duality going on within me, where I experience the stable “eternal being” in an ever-continuing expansion.

Then there is the part of me that is here in this physical body. And I understand very clearly the value of these two parts that I both am. I feel it!

And I also feel the eternity of who I really am and I can feel these specific characteristics as to who I am in this human form on this particular platform we call Earth.

For I am beginning to feel the appreciation for all the contrast that surrounds me. What I once condemned, I now embrace. Because I can feel that the contrast inspires me to yet another new idea.

And I remember when a new idea was born in me and I loathed its birth because it was an idea I did not believe in and therefore brought me great pain.

But now I experience the thrill of allowing new ideas to be born. And even though I don’t know how, or when, or who will bring it about.

I also don’t know where, because I don’t know the details of how it will unfold, but I do have faith, and in doing so, I believe in the laws of the Universe.

And I know that I am a Creator who after the birth of this new idea, will receive all the benefits from Source to make it a reality.

So, while I currently want something that I do not know how it will turn out, I feel calm in the realization that I do not know and do not need to know. Nothing more than calm and reassured.

I not only feel very calm because I have brought forth a new idea of something I like, but I feel energized by it because the larger part of me knows unmistakably that I am The Creator of my own experience and reality.

And that larger part of me not only looks at it and agrees with it, but it has become its vibrational equivalent. In fact, the larger part of me has already become that which I have asked for. And so now it’s just a matter of catching up.

Now that I know what I know, I don’t think this will take too much effort. As I move toward catching up, I feel better. And if I move in the opposite direction of catching up, I feel worse.

And I am so responsive to the way I feel this day. I am so proud of myself for being aware of when I am consciously going with the flow and when I am not. I know when I’m going downstream and when I’m going upstream.

I can feel when I let myself be who I have become and I can also feel when I don’t let myself be who I have become.

And I am no longer angry with myself at the moments when I am not allowing myself to be who I have become because those moments only help me to recognize the difference in the guide system of my emotions.

I can feel that I am actually the one shaping the clay. Because I am finally in a place where I don’t have to be the manifested recipient of everything I want at once because I know it’s all still to come.

That there will never be a time when I won’t be sending Rockets of Desire into my future. I am finally beginning to realize that I will never quite get it right, nor can I ever get it wrong because everything I experience just causes a new expansion.

And I can tell by the way I feel if I am moving toward that expansion or not. Finally, I am beginning to understand that in the end it was never about that fulfillment or that manifestation anyway.

Those things I want are merely my goal and a means to focus on so that I can effortlessly navigate this river of life. I am fulfilled in the knowledge that I am growing in my own expansion, and I am delighted in the knowledge that I will never quite finish it.

And I am content, deeply content, with where I am now. I feel the excitement and rejoice in the knowledge that I am where I am and that I can put my boat in the water anywhere and no matter what place I do this from.

My realization that this current will always go downstream, on its way to all that I will eventually create, is enough for me to feel deep satisfaction with where I am now.

I will no longer sit around nitpicking when I once again measure the distance between where I am and where I want to be. Instead, I will flow on this joyous river and experience the exhilarating feeling of movement toward my expansion.

I can sense that the Source within me that loves and cherishes me has become the expanded version of me. And I can feel that there is no remorse or discomfort at all in the being of my Source. Not for a moment does She look at me where I stand and compare me where I am now to where She is, and She does not mock me when I feel I have fallen short.

Instead, this Source stands beside me and experiences the expansion as a result of what I have lived and experienced in love and gratitude. In loving appreciation for all that I have become and calls me to it endlessly and tirelessly. And now I get it. This is what life is.

That duality of mine, this Source Energy, that was willing to step forward through my physical body and expand further into yet another expansion.

And now the physical part of me is ready to catch up so that my physical body and my InnerBeing can reunite.

I now understand my place in this Universe. For I am an important link in the expansion of the Universe and it is time for me to receive the benefit and reward of my expansion. And now I know how.

Manifest your own reality through concentration on positive energy

In this video, Esther Hicks discusses a clear command and request: Manifest your own reality through concentration on positive energy to achieve your desires.

Esther Hicks explains the concept of aligning with your InnerBeing and accepting the duality of your existence in order to tap into the power of this Universe.

She emphasizes the need to trust the laws of the Universe, appreciate the contrast that surrounds us, and enjoy the journey of life while staying focused on our expansion. Ultimately, the message is that we all matter and have the power to create our own reality.

Source: Youtube video

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