Neuroscientist Rudy has a distinctive viewpoint on the physical universe as a model. In this blog post, we will examine the interaction between the physical and non-physical worlds from the perspective of consciousness, as viewed through Rudy’s eyes.

physical universe as a model

According to Rudy, consciousness created the physical universe as a model. He still sees the physical world as just a model, despite the fact that he employs physical models to research the brain. This is because each species has its own models that it employs to interpret the physical world. For example, a bat sees the world differently than a person does. The echolocation ability of the bat allows it to build a model of the world. According to Rudy, awareness develops these representations in order to communicate with the outside world more effectively.

Each person’s consciousness creates different models. This implies that each person sees the world differently. Each person’s model is slightly unique, even within the same species. This is true because each person’s model is a product of their own experiences and memories.

Rudy thinks there are more worlds than earthly ones. Outside of our physical existence, he thinks there is a non-physical universe. Proto-consciousness, the primordial component of consciousness, makes up this reality. Rudy thinks that everything, including inanimate objects, has proto-consciousness.

Awareness and consciousness

An important component of consciousness is awareness. According to Rudy, consciousness develops when awareness becomes aware of objects, and awareness precedes consciousness. This implies that awareness is a prerequisite for the development of consciousness. According to Rudy, consciousness is not something the brain produces; rather, it is something the brain engages with.

According to Rudy, consciousness is a basic component of the cosmos. He thinks that consciousness may be found anywhere, even in the absence of life. This implies that consciousness is not exclusive to living things.

Rudy has a distinctive perspective on the connection between awareness and consciousness. He thinks that awareness and consciousness are built on proto-consciousness, which he says exists outside of the physical realm. This implies that consciousness and awareness are not products of the brain but rather natural attributes of the cosmos.

physical universe as a model

Reasons for self-organization in the mind

Development of consciousness is highly dependent on the process of self-organization. Self-organization, as argued by Rudy, results in more nuanced and sophisticated states of consciousness. When one ages, their consciousness naturally becomes more nuanced and complex. Rudy’s scientific endeavors benefit from his view that consciousness is a model since it allows him to employ models in his investigation of the evolution of awareness.

The universe has a built-in tendency to order itself. Evolution is the gradual accumulation of complexity and sophistication in a system through time. The development of understanding is predicated on this method.

Rudy suggests that manifestations of consciousness may be observed in nature. He believes the material cosmos was made by consciousness and acts as a template for the latter to learn from. Indicating several realms exist beyond the physical one.


In conclusion, Rudy’s ideas on consciousness cast doubt on the accepted understanding of how the material and immaterial worlds coexist. Important concerns regarding the nature of reality and the role of the larger cosmos in the creation of consciousness are raised by his claim that the physical world is only a model constructed by consciousness.

Rudy challenges us to reevaluate our assumptions about the nature of consciousness by pointing out the importance of self-organization and the essential characteristics of proto-consciousness. We must keep looking at this issue and pondering how Rudy’s theories could change the way we see the world.


What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the state of being aware of one's thoughts, feelings, and surroundings.

What is the physical world as a model created by Consciousness?

According to Rudy, the physical world is just a model created by Consciousness. While physical models are used to study the brain, Rudy believes that the physical world is only a model that we perceive through our own consciousness.

What is the relationship between awareness and Consciousness?

Awareness precedes Consciousness, and Consciousness arises when awareness becomes aware of objects. Rudy believes that there is proto-consciousness that exists outside of the physical world, which relates to awareness and Consciousness.

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