passive income

In this article, you will learn all about the different ways you can generate a passive income. Did you know that you don’t have to have a lot of money to start?

Building a passive income can be achieved by investing time. I will share here my experiences with generating a passive income through affiliate marketing.

Here you can start without investing money, a few tens per year for a website and web hosting. Furthermore, it only takes time that you put in! I also give you some other ideas with which you can earn an extra income without having to make big investments.

Before I go on, I’ll explain the meaning of a passive income. By a passive income, we mean an income for which you don’t have to do anything at the moment. You have already done the work and will receive an income from this later, so not at the same time.

1. Some examples of passive income are:

  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Income from renting out real estate
  • Commission

Are you looking for a way to make money online? Do you want to make money with affiliate marketing and want to know more about this? Great! Then you are in the right place here.

  • Make money as an affiliate
  • Receiving through affiliate marketing
  • Advertising revenue that runs through your media that you receive money on
  • Income from investments

2. Copyrights on a book or music

passive incomeThe opposite of passive income is active income ;-), but of course you know that too. You know, the well known saying: work by the hour!

If you have done an hour of work, there is a fixed amount in return. This is paid out directly, and you are talking about an active income.
Most people get a monthly pay check showing how much they have worked and the amount of money they have earned.

3. You know exactly where you stand.

If you have taken vacations, worked overtime and even if you have been ill, you know what you will be paid at the end of the month.
This is a great earnings model which brings a lot of security, which is why so many people choose it. You also know that the salary, with maybe a small fluctuation, is always the same. The ceiling is clearly in the picture, shall we say.

There is nothing wrong with earning an active income, let me put that first. But you are here because you are looking for ways to create financial freedom.

4. You want to generate passive income.

I give you several examples of this. I also share my experience with affiliate marketing where I have a passive income through. Furthermore, I make my money over the internet with the online earning model affiliate marketing. This is one of the many ways to generate an additional and passive income. It is possible to build passive income, but you have to do something for it first.

5. You will have to invest time first!

Because many people do not believe in this or are not willing to spend serious time on it, they say it is not possible. A passive income is usually not that you don’t have to do anything (anymore) for this.
There is always a certain effort in return, but the work is already done, and the money still comes in.

This is also called smart money making. Are you looking for a way to make money with the internet? Do you want to make money with affiliate marketing and want to know more about this? Top, then you are in the right place here. Make money as an affiliate.

6. Ideas for passive income how do you start

You may now be asking yourself, ‘how can I start building a passive income’? And do I need to invest money to start this? First, everything is easier when you have some money to invest.  To build a passive income, it is not necessarily necessary to have money. Making money without efforts. That’s what we all want! An online earnings model where you can make (a lot of) money without any efforts does not exist.
You have to make efforts before you can generate a passive income.

Okay you want to be “sleepy rich” too, otherwise you wouldn’t have gone looking for ideas to generate a passive income.  Let me be honest with you and get you out of your dream right away, you will have to make an effort first! If you are willing to work first and then reap the benefits, then you are in the right place.

7. Only then can you generate a passive income.

If you are looking for more freedom in your work or if you want your money flow to continue even when you are not working, then creating an online passive income is the best way.

It depends of course on how much you need per month to live on. If you invest your time, you can already earn a nice passive income after a few months, especially with affiliate marketing. And I speak from experience because I have been doing affiliate marketing for some time.

Of course, I had to invest a lot of time to get this far, but now I already have an impressive passive income per month. And the impressive thing is that scaling up my online business, now that I know how it works, is quite easy. In this way, my passive income becomes a little more every time. But I had to make efforts for that first.

8. Are you curious about how affiliate marketing works?

  • By promoting other people’s products or services, you earn a commission when sales are made through your affiliate link. This commission is a predetermined percentage of the sales amount. You place links of the products or services on your website or your social media where you can reach your followers. If the product or service is purchased through your personal affiliate link, you receive a commission on it.
  • How high are these commissions then I hear you think. This varies quite a bit. You have the affiliate marketing high ticket products, these are often online products. Think of an online course that costs for example $300, – and where you get 50% (!) commission.

9. Yes, these are nice passive revenues!

Online products only need to be created once and can then be sold indefinitely. That is also the reason why so many commissions can be given. Naturally, you must first invest time in writing the best and most valuable content. For example, you can write a review. From spring 2022, you will be fined if you post fake reviews on your website. This is, of course, a good thing. If you want to buy a product, you want to know if you get what is promised. And by…

  • Writing about the online course you took.
  • If you have a website in the same niche

Finding the perfect affiliate niche for your affiliate marketing website can sometimes be quite difficult. What are the best niches in affiliate marketing? What are the profitable niches for affiliate marketing? Or what are…
If the course that attracts a lot of visitors, then chances are they will decide to buy the course through your affiliate link.

passive income

You have already done the work and are then generating a passive income! You’ve probably also heard of becoming a partner.  These are publishers who promote products on their website or social media. When selling, you earn between 3% and 8%. Because these are physical products, the commissions are often lower. This is due to the fact that the margins on physical products are typically lower.
Make sure that when you start affiliate marketing, you know how to go about it.

Only then will you become successful. By just ‘throwing affiliate links around’ you will not generate a passive income. Start with Jacko Meijaard’s affiliate marketing revolution, and you’ll make the best start to making money over the Internet. Otherwise, read my review of this affiliate marketing course.

10. How does affiliate marketing work?

Another way to build a passive income is when you have a product and have it promoted through publishers.  If you have put together a great online course, and you want to promote it, then it is a good idea to do this through affiliate marketing. It will only cost you money if the product is actually sold. The publishers do their best to promote your product in different ways, so the reach is many times greater than when you have to do it all yourself. You don’t have to do anything anymore, so you generate passive income with this!

11. Earn money with blogging

To make passive money with blogging, you will first have to make some efforts. If you have a good website online and you ‘receive’ a lot of visitors every month, you can earn money through sponsorships.
By giving companies or manufacturers of products the opportunity to advertise on your website, you will be paid in return.

12. What is passive income, and how to build passive income.

Let me start with explaining how most people misunderstand passive income. What if you are faced with two choices. The first option is to generate active income, by working to get paid, basically exchanging time for money. With working, I mean either working as an employee or as a business owner.

The second option is to generate passive income, earning money while you don’t have to be present. Basically sitting on the beach watching the sunset while collecting money. What would you choose?(excerpt from video)