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Exclusive Furniture

Exclusive Furniture

Unique designs of woodworking. Handmade, solid wood and nothing you've seen anywhere else. Keep in mind that there will be several weeks in delivery time since every order will be handmade specially for you, or the person you want to give it to.
  • €190,00

    Purper Heart - White Maple Side Table "Slender"

    This side table can come in different sizes. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. It's original design is sleek and slender while being strong and...

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  • €375,00

    WoodWhisperer Inspired Cutting Board

    This cutting board will last many lifetimes because the whole board has an end grain surface. Knives will never cut the woodfibers because of the v...

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  • from €475,00

    The "Tuboid" Art Greco Lamp

    These lamps are handmade and come in one collection of three pieces. Each lamp has one top light and one light source in the middle of the tubelar ...

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    from €475,00
  • from €650,00

    Extra Long "Over Bed" Table

    With this extra long bed table you will enjoy watching TV and working on your laptop with every comport imaginable. This table will not sag on you ...

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    from €650,00
  • €1.850,00

    Massive 110 pound Trolley on Heavy Duty Casters

    Handmade solid wooden trolley. It's all glued together without screws or nails. Very robust and will last generations. Great for a coffee table or ...

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  • from €3.150,00

    Easel, Chevalet, Schildersezel, Caballete

    One of it's kind. This is not just an ordinary easel. This is a piece of furniture that easely can be placed in your living room or as the main eye...

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    from €3.150,00