I’ve got a great tale to tell you about the nature of our reality and how we might be able to comprehend it.

Imagine if we hold the conventional belief that God designed the cosmos with a certain set of theological objectives in mind. However there are many other scientific theories regarding the universe’s creation, including the Big Bang and all of its variations, including string theory. Then you start to wonder whether everything could just be a simulation.

Possible nature of our reality

What does this possible nature of our reality actually entail?

According to the most recent iteration of the simulation idea, we may all be living in a computer simulation of early 21st-century life in the year 2050.

Or perhaps we live in a simulation of planets and prehistoric peoples billions of years from now. It truly has a lot in common with ancient notions that life is a dream.

For instance, in a well-known Chinese legend, the emperor had a dream in which he was a butterfly, and the butterfly had a dream in which he was the emperor. This idea has a long history and is more mystical.

Possible nature of our reality

The origin nature of reality of the universe

The mechanical and materialistic theories of the universe’s creation, however, are another option. The prevalent viewpoint is that everything was created by God, whereas science focuses on real, physical answers. Yet, amazing science fiction writer Olive Stapleton integrated these two points of view.

In her tale, the character known as The Creator creates worlds and keeps creating them until he finds one that he is happy with.

The previous universes are still in operation, though, and when a space traveler asks the Creator why he left them behind, The Creator just responds, “I have things to do,”

Source: YouTube video

So, how can we understand reality?

Metaphors can help us approach reality by allowing us to think outside our present paradigms. They enable us to explore and comprehend difficult concepts.

We may start to filter out mistakes and start to screen out objective truth, even if we can’t approach reality totally objectively.

Do some things, however, remain a mystery to us? I’m a little cocky about this and say, “Let’s move forward at full speed.” I believe that even if we are living in a simulation, the programmers may have left openings that will allow us to escape. In the end, everything is software, including the atoms and neurons inside our minds.

A compliment from the creator(s) and/or architect(s)?

So, if we are trapped, let’s rise to the challenge and see if we can break out of this simulation so that hopefully the programmers will say to us, “We are proud of you for finding the way out, we didn’t make it easy for you.”

Possible nature of our reality

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