The birth of Pickleball dates back to 1965, on one Saturday by Bill Bell, a businessman, and Joel Pritchard, a congressman from Washington. After playing golf, they returned to Pritchard’s house and found their families idle with nothing to do. The house had a badminton court, and they improvised a full set of rackets since they couldn’t find badminton equipment. The two made a custom-made ball which was perforated and ping-pong paddles. In the beginning, they placed the net at the standard badminton height of about 60 inches and threw the ball above the net. With time, the net was lowered to 36 inches since the ball bounced well on the asphalt surface at that height.

The businessman and the congressman soon introduced Barney McCallum to the game, and the three came up with the game’s rules, which heavily relied on badminton games. At first, the aim of the game was to create a game the whole family would play and engage together. In 1967, the first pickleball court was made in Bob O’Brian ‘s backyard, a friend of Joel Pritchard.A corporation was created to patent the creation of the sport in 1972.

In 1976, the first pickleball tournament was played at The South Centre Athletic Club in Tukwila, Washington. David Lester and Steve Paronto were among the best pickleball players. David won the males single, while Steve Paronto was placed second. In 1976, the equipment used was a heavy paddle and a softball plastic ball.

How the game became popular

In 1999, the first website concerning the game was launched. Fast-forward, a corporation was formed as USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) in 2005. To improve the game’s growth in the international scene, the USAPA formed The International Federation of Pickleball and a website ( 2018, the membership was at 30,000 people. In that same year, UAPA Facebook had matches of The National Champions, and they had an audience outreach of over 1.5 million. In 2020, USAPA re-branded itself to USA Pickleball, and the brand also included a new logo and an updated website to strengthen the games’ international image.

The continued growth of the sport is expanding like wildfire. Currently, there are nearly 8,500 locations on the USA Pickleball’s Places2Play map. The popularity is strengthened by community centers, retirement group communities, and YMCA facilities.

The rules of the game

Pickleball players on every side should let the ball bounce once before volleys are permitted. There is a seven-foot no valley zone on each side of the net to avoid “spiking.” The server continues to serve, giving a chance to the other server until he or she fails.


Singles or doubles can play.

The first player or server who scores eleven points and leads by at least two points leads the game. The game has skill levels with ratings varying from 1.0 to 6.0+. 1.0 skill level reserved for beginners and 6.0+ used for the best pickle ballplayers. With one rating system, the rating can go up to 8.0.

How to serve the Pickleball:

This game is played on a board that is 20’ by 44’.There is usually a seven-foot no valley zone on each side so as to prevent spiking. Players on either side must allow the ball to bounce at least once so that the volleys can be allowed.

Volleying means the server hits the ball onto the air without allowing it to bounce. This can be achieved when the servers’ feet are behind the said non-volley zone line. The fault is made when the server steps on the line on his volley.

The game is played either as doubles, or singles but doubles are the most common. Paddle contact with the ball must not be above the waist level. Only one serve is allowed per server.

In singles, the server serves from the right court when his score is even and from the left when the score is odd.

When scoring, games are played to 11 points, win by 2. Tournament games might be 15 or 21 wins by 2.

According to the two bounce rule, when the ball is served, the receiving team must allow it to bounce before returning, and then the serving team must let it bounce hence two bounces.

The serves are made diagonally that starts with the right-hand service square followed by each server. The player must put both feet behind, and the service should be underhand with the paddle below the waist. The ball should also be hit into the air without being bounced. Nevertheless, the ball touches the net but still lands within the service court; the serve will be taken into consideration.

The player should hit the ball in the air for serve. At the beginning of a new game, the first serving team is allowed one mistake or fault before giving up the game to the opposing side. A fault is made when the ball ;

  • 1. Is hit out of bound
  • 2. Doesn’t clear the net
  • 3. Touches a part of the non-volley zone on the serve, which includes the line
  • 4. Is served, and before a bounce is made, it has bounced on each case.

When scoring, the team scores the point when scoring only. When playing doubles, a player in each team will serve until their team makes a mistake, then the serve shifts to the competing team: commonly known as the side out.

The players switch the positions of the game only after each team has played.

Pickleball court locations

If you want to play the game, you log into the website to get all the information. The USAPA website has a search tool in the Places2play where you find a playing court near you using the search tool provided.

Does Pickleball have an age limit?

The game suits people of all ages. It was initially popular as a children’s game, but over the years, it is gaining momentum among adults, too, as an enjoyable game to engage in.

Playing kit for pickleball

Tennis–style skirts are common in females when playing this game. There are specific shoes that are available only in the US. Alternatively, a tennis shoe for the game can be worn.

Generally, any comfortable shoe is convenient for playing the game.

For males, athletic shorts and t-shirts are most common.

Each player needs a pickleball paddle for convenient playing. In the beginning, the paddles were wooden, but over time, it has evolved to lightweight materials such as graphite and aluminum.

The servers need a net and pickleball to play effectively. The ball is usually unique, and it has holes around it. These balls come in three different colors which are yellow, green, and white.

The players might as well buy eyewear for eye protection from the ball.

Players add accessories such as hats, sweatshirts, and visors.