Convert-Kit has an awesome price-quality ratio. The system makes it easy to offer different downloads (lead magnets) to your audience, so you can build an audience faster than ever.

Convert-Kit is easy to use and gives you a good overview of all your signups. Another advantage of Convert-Kit: if someone signs up multiple times, that person will only end up in your list once compared to multiple times in a system like Mailchimp, which means you pay less for it in.

1. Set Up Your Account and Get to Know the Dashboard

Create a New Account on Convert-Kit

  • Choose ‘Migrating from another provider’ or ‘I’m brand new’.

Select ‘Migrating from another provider‘ if you want to transfer email addresses from a previous email system. Are you starting from scratch? Then select the option ‘I’m brand new‘.

If you previously had your email list on Mailchimp, for example, Convert-Kit will guide you through simple steps.

  • In this phase of the tutorial, in this example, we select ‘I don’t have a website yet’. Sign up and you can get started!

Convert-Kit has its own ‘beginner’s steps’, but instead of following those steps, I’ll walk you through some of the things I think are important to explore the system.

Know the System!


  • Here you can see the people from your email list, you can create tags here, segments and so on.


  • You can use automations to connect multiple triggers or events to forms, sequences or whatever.


  • This is very essential when you start collecting your email addresses.


  • This is evergreen content. That is, you can create the content and have it sent automatically all the time depending on when someone entered your list.

This is a good way to send a new subscriber an onboarding sequence right away. That is, they will immediately get a few emails from you after they subscribe, spread over a period of time that you decide.


  • These are one-time emails that you can send. You can schedule the mails or save them and keep track of them. These are your newsletters.

2. Set Up Your First Landing Page | Offer a Lead Magnet.

Your audience needs somewhere to ‘sign up’. To do this, you require a form.

  • Click on ‘New Form’.

Then you will see ‘Form’ or ‘Landing Page’.
A landing page is a complete web page, and a form is something you can put between text or between other elements on a web page.

We’ll pretend for a moment that you don’t already have a website, so we’ll create a landing page.

  • Click ‘Landing Page’

Important to know
: in the back end of these two forms, it all looks the same, only the layout in the foreground is different.

  • Choose a template. (You can view a preview if you wish.)

Want to create a download? Give the landing page the name of the download and write the word ‘DOWNLOAD’ in capital letters to keep your organization organized.

  • Convert-KitYou can upload files.
  • You can personalize the page.
  • You can preview the page.
  • You can share the page, if you use the ‘share-link’.
  • If you click on the fields, you can edit them.
  • Always write ‘Your best e-mail address‘ in the field instead of just ‘email’.

You want a page that converts, so you need to be very clear with the text you put on it. For example, ‘Download this free guide to triple your income’.

  • If you want to change the layout, you can click on ‘change templates’ and that way you can choose a different layout.The layout will change, but the information you entered will just stay.

This is (as I always say) the door that people walk through. When they walk through this door, they will give you their email address and first name. In return, they’ll get a download from you, and that’s how email address collection works. In exchange for value, you get personal data.

Shape your confirmation email

  • Click: ‘Send incentive email’
  • Add your subject line.

Make sure it’s a subject line people really want to click on, after all, this is important for any email!

  • You can personalize the whole text as well as the subscribe button.

This part is very essential. When people press the button something will happen. 

If that’s a download…

  • Click on ‘download’ and choose a file from your computer.

If you want to direct them to, say, a hidden page on your website…

  • Then click ‘URL’ and insert the URL

If you don’t have a website yet, it’s nice that you can start collecting email addresses through a landing page anyway!

You can even redirect your domain to this page.

In Convert-Kit you can select to direct someone to a success message after signing up or to a specific page on your website.


For the GDPR, you should go look in the settings of Convert-Kit itself.

  • If you go to account, you’ll see account settings and there you’ll see all the things about GDPR.

3. Set up a Welcome Series Automation in Convert-Kit.

Say, you want to send a few automatic welcome emails to new people, for example an onboarding sequence, you can do that in Convert-Kit automatically via a sequence. 

  • Click ‘Sequences’ at the top of your Convert-Kit dashboard.
  • Write the email subject for your first email and write the message.
  • If you want to send this first email immediately, you can specify ‘0 days’ for the timing.
  • If you have it published, it is live, you just need to enter a little more information.

Say, you want to connect a form to a sequence. You do this if you want someone to download something from you, and that person will be sent to a welcome sequence.

  • We create an automation and the first thing we do is choose ‘any event’.
  • An event is something that happens, kind of like a trigger. Something has to happen for the ball to get rolling.
  • (By the way, you can also connect Shopify to the system. Then the event could be ‘new customer’ or ‘course xyz’.)

In this case, we will discuss the example of a lead magnet download. We can say: If someone signs up through my form “download lead magnet”, then the next action that happens because of the trigger/event will be an email sequence (my welcome sequence) that I will send out.

  • Make sure that in the upper right corner, the ‘live’ button of your automation is on!

Are you done with your forms and welcome sequences? Then it’s time to send out your first newsletter.

4. How to Send a Newsletter or Broadcast in Convert-Kit?

To send out a newsletter, we use the “broadcasts” button.

Set up your broadcast audience

  • Click on ‘new broadcast’.
  • You can choose to send a newsletter to all your list, or you can choose to send it only to the people subscribed via a specific form. In our case, ‘download lead magnet’.
  • You can go ahead and exclude or add people via the filter.

Write the title of your email and your message itself

  • Come up with a title for your email.

Very important: Don’t forget that the title determines whether people open your email or not. Spend enough time on this step!

  • In your message, you can put the name of the recipient. (So you can address him or her personally.)
  • You can always see the email as a preview, but you can also send it to yourself to see how it will look.
  • You can select different layouts for your email.

I know people often say that Mailchimp has nice layouts, with lots of images, and it’s easy to use such a drag-and-drop system. Remember that
too many images make your email look like spam, and Convert-Kit is much more user-friendly. That’s why I really recommend using Convert-Kit. There is also a new editor in Convert-Kit that allows you to play with multiple layouts yourself (this is currently still in beta mode).

Even if you only have a few people on your list, these people can also generate sales for you. And you gather those to generate sales for you. This is what makes Mailchimp so difficult, so that’s why I prefer to use

Another advantage to Convert-Kit is when people sign up through different lead magnets, they will only end up in your list once (and not twice). With those other systems, you then also have to pay twice, but that’s not the case with Convert-Kit.

  • You can send your newsletter right away, or you can schedule it for a specific day and time.

Now, you’ve learned everything you need to use Convert-Kit and take your business to the next level.

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