If you want to create a campaign in ActiveCampaign, there are three different options you can choose for the formatting of this campaign.

Designer Template

The most commonly used format to format a campaign in ActiveCampaign is the “Designer Template”. This allows you to easily drag and drop formatting components into a desired location. There are many templates (“Templates”) that you can select from by default. The chosen layout can then be adjusted as desired. It is also possible to add content like text to the campaign. To create an email campaign using such a template, you can select the option “Build from Scratch”.

Then you indicate whether you want to use a “Newsletter”, “Right Column” or a “Left Column”. You can now select from the different types of “Templates” that the software has to offer. By hovering over a template, you will see a preview of the design. If you want to use the design, then a button appears with the option “Use this Design”.

In the next steps, you will be asked for your sender details like e-mail address and name. Also, the name of the campaign has to be given. Once you have done this, you will end up in the “Designer”. Here all the messages you want to send can be designed, created and modified. If you want to have a certain item in the campaign, just drag it from the right-hand side to where it should be. Below in the picture you see an example of the “Designer” in ActiveCampaign.



If you are familiar with programming languages such as HTML and CSS then it is possible to compose an email using this function. If you program an e-mail using these languages, it is recommended to always check the message thoroughly before sending it. This way, you can be sure that the campaign is displayed correctly to the recipients. Also, test if the message will be displayed correctly on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

If you want to create an email using HTML, choose to create a new campaign and go through the steps until you get to the step “Design”. This is the 3rd step you have to go through after selecting a type for a campaign and selecting the list to which the message should be sent. The screen you see now contains the previously mentioned “Designer Templates”. You will also find here the function “Build From Scratch” as shown below.

templates 1

Once you see this function, you will be presented with several options to select from. Select the option “Custom HTML” and then click “OK”. Next, you have to provide information about you as the sender and select a subject for the campaign.

Once you have done this, click on “Continue:”. You will now enter a simple HTML editor in which you can create the email for the campaign. On the left side, you can program the message with the help of the HTML code, while on the right side you get to see a preview of the message.


Only text

If you want to format and send a simple email for a campaign, you can also select to send a text-only message. The recipients can then focus their attention only on the content of the specific message. It is also possible to send such a campaign to make it appear that the email was personally sent to the recipient by an employee of the company. To do this, select the “Text Only” option. These are messages that contain unedited text, the text is not formatted and it is not possible to send images.

If you use this option, then the appearance of the message is determined by the recipient’s email program with which the message is opened. This is because these programs often use different fonts and formatting to display e-mails without standard formatting. The creation of such an email is again done in the “Design” process of your campaign. You select “Build from Scratch”, select “Text Only” and click “OK”. Once you have entered the sender’s details, campaign name, and subject, click “Continue”. You will now be taken to a word processor where you can write the message you want to send.