A Divi website offers you the possibility to present your content to your visitors in an almost unlimited way. Via a ‘visual’ editor it’s easy to arrange your page yourself and to add text, images, sliders, videos, counters, accordions and much more!

So are you looking for a new website or do you already have one? Then get to know the possibilities that Divi has to offer.

I prefer to call Divi a framework. (Definition Framework at Wikipedia). I think so because the Divi theme offers almost all the possibilities that a modern website needs.


A Divi website vs. a custom theme for WordPress

Almost everyone who uses a website as a professional tool for business chooses to have the website in their own house style, so that visitors have an immediate visual recognition in relation to the other communication components that the company uses.

When creating a WordPress website, the visual elements of the website are defined in the ‘WordPress theme’. Apart from the Divi theme, which I will present to you here, there are thousands of other themes that can be used to give your website a suitable look. All these themes have their strengths and weaknesses.

When there are very specific requirements for the website, a custom theme is often made by the website builder or developer.


Cost and time considerations

Depending on the available time and/or budget, a choice has to be made as to which option fits the situation best. In Divi, all the technical options that are used in a modern website are actually already present. In a custom website, all the necessary options have to be discussed with the developer beforehand, so that the desired functions become available on the website.



To a large extent, Divi offers a lot of flexibility that can always be used later, even if it isn’t used at the first stage. With a custom theme, the developer has to program extra options and make them available on the website.


Divi with visual editor

Another practical advantage of Divi is the ‘visual editor’. Divi has the possibility to edit the pages in a preview mode. This offers the user a pleasant visual experience when editing pages and posts because they are shown in an almost ‘WYSIWYG’ (What You See Is What You Get) way. (This is in contrast to the standard input fields that you normally see in WordPress).

For less technically oriented computer users, this is a lot easier to work with.


Do you want WordPress with Divi?

In the meantime, I have been using the Divi framework for several years, in addition to customized websites. In Divi I can create a complete website with short construction times. So if you’re looking for a new website or want to renovate your website, feel free to ask me about the possibilities.


Do you need help with Divi

Do you already have Divi but are you stuck or do you need help? In many cases I can help you solve problems, add extra features or tighten up the design.

Are you interested, or do you have a question right now? Please let me know! I’m happy to help.


Want to make your Divi website faster

Do you want your Divi to load faster? Then you can also contact me for various optimization options. Under the heading optimization, you can read more about that.


Some more fun facts about Divi

Divi is responsive. That means that you can set up every page just the way you want it for desktop, tablet, and laptop!

Divi has a library function in which you can save and reuse frequently used components


Divi Users

That there are more enthusiastic Divi users can be seen here. There are 2.4 million Divi’s installations, of which 1.3 million are active. It is the most popular theme used in the Netherlands (over 42,000 websites) (source: BuiltWith.com). Divi is a theme that is sold by Elegant Themes.


Divi Theme

Elegant Themes calls Divi a theme. I prefer to talk about a framework that offers a lot of possibilities to easily create a website. Of course, experience is a plus, but with the explanation Elegant Themes offers on its website, everyone can create a Divi Website themselves with this theme.

With the drag and drop functions of the visual builder, you can easily create all kinds of web pages. Think of:

  • Reference pages
  • Blog pages
  • Portfolio pages
  • Pages with sliders
  • Circle counters
  • And much more
  • Divi visual builder

The visual builder makes building a website for non-technical users a lot easier. By using this visual builder, you can already see what the end result will look like while designing or setting up the website pages. The visual builder also allows you to switch between desktop, tablet and smartphone mode, so that the layout can be optimized for all screen sizes.


Divi builder with a child theme

It is also possible to use the Divi theme with a child theme. This makes it possible to override the Divi default settings with your own custom settings. These settings will remain valid even after updating your Divi website.


Divi Website Design

With Divi, it’s possible to turn almost any web design into an attractive, working website. For this I use my knowledge of Divi, which I’ve been working with for years, combined with CSS, HTML and of course WordPress.