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If you have never heard of Divi Theme Builder then building a website yourself is not in your area of interest, or you are living under a rock. You don’t have to learn complicated code to use it, and it is highly customizable. With the wide range of features that a Divi website offers, it is applicable for almost any website.

Setting up a website is no easy task, but having your own website can have many benefits. It’s an investment that can attract potential customers, boost your sales or increase the value of your brand. If you are starting a website for the first time, consider hiring a professional web developer or web designer.

But you can also take matters into your own hands if you know the right tools. If you don’t have web design skills and know-how, Divi is the perfect WordPress theme to help you launch an aesthetically pleasing website with just a few simple clicks. So you can build your own Divi website.

1. The 10 best reasons to choose Divi Theme Builder

Divi Theme Builder

Apart from offering endless design possibilities and huge support and community, here are 10 reasons why you should use a Divi website for your blog or business website:

1. Divi website customization

There are many reasons to use Divi Theme Builder , but the best is how you can fully customize your blog or website. You can build your blog from scratch without having to learn any complicated codes. You can create the site you’ve always dreamed of because a Divi website has everything you want and more. And many web designers say: “once you use Divi, you’ll never want to go back”.

2. No programming or learning HTML and CSS required

Divi makes design life easier. You can create beautiful websites without the headaches of HTML and CSS. It gives you a code-free option, but it also lets you do some great CSS things.

Fortunately, with the popularity of Divi, there are plenty of sites with Divi resources where you can easily copy and paste free CSS codes. So you don’t have to master CSS.

3. Visual Builder

Basically, a WordPress website is designed from the back-end using page builders and theme editors. But a Divi website comes with an intuitive design tool, the Divi Theme Builder , that allows you to literally look at your blog or the front end of your website and add images, change text, or move things around.

4. Divi website = Responsive website

There are WordPress themes that do not work well on mobile, which often means that they do not automatically scale with the device on which the visitor is viewing the website. More and more visitors are using their mobile phones to visit websites, so it makes sense that your website should look good on all types of platforms. Responsive design is an essential element of web design, and a Divi Theme Builder website makes it easy to achieve this.

5. Child themes

If you don’t want to start from scratch, there are plenty of pre-made child-themes or page designs offered by Divi professionals with lots of customization options. This way, you can get started with your Divi website in no time.

6. Handy online tutorials

If you don’t have the knowledge to design a website (yet), then you’ll find the online video tutorials from Elegant Themes very useful. They’ll be invaluable in introducing you to a Divi Theme Builder .

7. Divi Website Layouts

Divi has an extensive library of layout packages. You can easily load these when you’re creating a page. Besides Elegant Themes, there are many more parties that offer layouts and library components, so you’ll never run out of layout packages for your Divi website.

8. Are you considering expansion?

If you’re thinking of expanding your online activities and start using a web shop via WooCommerce for example, your Divi website supports that plug-in too. So when your website starts to grow, and you want to use the possibilities of an online shop, you can do so seamlessly with a good Divi website.

9. Branding

  • Building a brand is crucial to stand out from your competition. One of the biggest reasons to use Divi Theme Builder is branding. Developing a brand in WordPress is not that easy, especially if you are not a developer. Coding is not easy, and it takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Fortunately, branding is another aspect that Divi has made easy. You can easily set the colors, choose a font and set it as default, or even change the overall look and feel of your website to make it your own.

10. The Divi community

Apart from the support team at Elegant Themes, there are many Facebook groups and forum communities dedicated to Divi. If there are elements or processes you don’t understand or if you have a general question in mind, you can simply post it and the members will answer it.

The community can help you, give you ideas, and provide you with product or tool information. You can also see some pretty cool and beautiful designs there for inspiration for your own Divi website.