Divi Expert

1. Why would you need a Divi Expert?

layouts layers fwDo you have or want a Divi site and want to take it a step further? Then ask for help from a Divi Expert with years of experience. I work with the Divi theme of Elegant Themes on a daily basis. That means this theme has no secrets for us. Divi is suitable for large and small websites.

I will help you with building or adjusting existing websites. Make use of my expertise too! Let’s work together! For agencies and intermediaries, I apply custom rates.

It is often thought that anyone can easily create a WordPress website by buying and installing a theme. When building a website that meets all your business needs, hiring a WordPress / Divi expert gives you the knowledge to choose the right plugins and install and set them up. Having used and optimized websites in the Divi theme for clients many times, I can call myself an expert with over 10 years of WordPress experience.

Divi has a Visual Builder that works super intuitively and is therefore the most popular page builder for building websites in WordPress. This visual editor makes it possible to make adjustments, and you can immediately see the result (WYSIWYG). This makes it ideal for users who want to make their own adjustments.

Setting up and adjusting the theme is one of the main advantages of hiring an experienced web builder. In addition, updates and software patches for both themes and plug-ins require good monitoring, knowledge and experience. WordPress experts know which updates are necessary and which are not and ensure that your website has more functionality.

2. How can a Divi expert help you?

An expert can help you with your website in all sorts of areas

  1. Divi expertSetting up backups
  2. Security of your website
  3. (Speed) optimization of your website
  4. Creating structure in your website
  5. Installing and configuring plug-ins
  6. Building in custom options
  7. For example, custom post-types
  8. Creating page or message templates
  9. Integration of, for example, MailChimp
  10. And much more, of course!

3. Why ask a Divi expert?

A Divi expert helps you get started quickly.┬áBecause of my daily use of Divi I’m aware of many possibilities, but also of impossibilities and problems that sometimes occur. As a Divi specialist, I can advise you on a suitable approach or solve problems for you, without you having to start a big search yourself.

I can help you with your website in an adequate and fast way. Emergency help is also possible. When building a good Divi website, or having one built, many questions arise. A good expert knows how to answer them, and of course he knows how to ask the right questions. When you work with me, we therefore have regular contact about the project and the result.

As a specialist, I focus on helping Divi users by adding new designs and new functionalities to websites. The specialty is building websites in Divi and WordPress and of course, as a Divi specialist, theme development and support. The focus is on creating beautiful, purposeful websites that meet your specific business needs.

Divi, as you may know, has a lot of functionalities, but sometimes you even run out of them. This is where a Divi specialist comes in. I develop WordPress websites and various customized Divi solutions. Your wishes are my starting point. Do you want to know if I can realize your wishes in Divi? Then feel free to ask me your question!

4. Is a Divi expert expensive?

Hiring an expert involves costs. In general, this applies to every specialist you hire. Whether it’s a washing machine repairman or a plumber, besides the material costs, these people will also charge their hourly rate.

Fortunately, as a Divi expert, you don’t have to expect call-out charges. In addition, I often know from experience where potential problems can come from, because in most cases they are common, and I have encountered them before.tb demo 1 ft img 1

With more than 10 years of experience with WordPress and extensive experience with Divi, I can help you in a targeted way or put you on the right track. Whether a Divi expert is expensive depends on what you could do yourself in the time I am working for you. Feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

5. What does a Divi expert cost?

Did you already build a website with Divi and you can’t figure it out? Or do you want a completely new website or web shop built with Divi? I have the knowledge for all your Divi related questions.